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01/01/2001 New House     01/01/2001 The Boys  
January Erecting Walls   Jan-April Videos of Elliot
January Rough Carpentry Tour   Jan & Feb Videos of Ephraim (Part 1)
February Finishing Rough Carpentry   Mar & April Videos of Ephraim (Part 2)
February Tour with the Boys   Jan & Feb

Elliot and Ephraim (Part 1)

March Insulation & Drywall   Mar & April Elliot and Ephraim (Part 2)
March Windy Tour of Insulation   February The Boys Reading Books
April Utilities, Boys at the House    


Other Videos

April Basement & Garage Concrete   3/27/2016 The Boys on Easter Sunday



    3/27/2016 Elliot and Mark's Hilarious Play
4/4/2016 Cold Opening Day in the Snow   Jan-April Gary & Leo, Ruby & Bandit
4/20/2016 Tailgating and Game with the Family   4/16/2016 Elliot's Bunny Video

Total Running Time: 2 hours, 59 minutes

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