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01/01/2001 Elliot & Ephraim     01/01/2001 Elliot & Ephraim  
Summer '15 Videos of Elliot   May '15... Elliot's Karate Class & Parade
Summer '15 Videos of Ephraim   7/4/2015 Foam Discs in Slow-Motion
Summer '15 Videos of Elliot & Ephraim   7/5/2015 The Boys in the Pool



    Summer '15 The Boys in their Toy Mustang
6/20/2015 A Day Out with Thomas   8/29/2015 Ephraim Opening Birthday Gifts
Jun. 20-26 Door County   8/29/2015 The Boys' Birthday Party
Jul. 19-21 Wisconsin Dells    


Two New Pets

Jul. 26-29 Up North (Hazelhurst)   Summer '15 Videos of Bandit


Other Videos

    Summer '15 Videos of Bandit with the Family
6/30/2015 The Moon through Elliot's Telescope   August '15 Videos of Leo (aka Larry)

Total Running Time: 2 hours, 18 minutes

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