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01/01/2001 Ephraim Videos     01/01/2001 Elliot Videos  
8/22/2013 Ephraim Moving in Ro's Tummy (Watch at 35 seconds)   5/8/2013 Elliot's Mother's Day Show at Cedarburg Preschool (K4)
8/29/2013 Dan and Katy Talking, Operation Underway   5/9/2013 Elliot's Summer - Dancing at Miller Park, Mother's Day, Big Bubbles (thru 7/6)
8/29/2013 Welcome, Ephraim!   5/24/2013 Elliot's Last Day of K4 (Cedarburg Preschool)
8/29/2013 Rosanne Meeting Ephraim for the First Time   5/24/2013 Elliot's Tennis Lesson
8/29/2013 Elliot and Grandparents visiting Ephraim   7/13/2013 Elliot on the Rides at the Quad Picnic
8/29/2013 Ro Holding Ephraim, Making Noises while Sleeping   7/19/2013 Elliot playing games at Chuck-E-Cheese and The Mineshaft (and 8/10)


Other Videos

    7/21/2013 Elliot Running and Playing in the Rain
5/21/2013 Rosanne at her RN Pinning Ceremony (MATC)   7/24/2013 Elliot Acting Crazy in Bathroom while Brushing Teeth (Pretty Funny)
6/1/2013 June & Marvin's 65th Wedding Anniversary - Mark's Toast   8/1/2013 Elliot on the Super Trampoline and Bumper Cars (Ozaukee County Fair)
6/15/2013 Door County Vacation (thru 6/21)   8/4/2013 Elliot Singing and Dancing to the Piano Demos
7/27/2013 Elliana in Tasha's Wedding and Greek Dancing   8/10/2013 Elliot Flying a Kite in Downtown Milwaukee

Total Running Time: 1 hour, 6 minutes

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