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01/01/2001 Elliot Videos     01/01/2001 Carbon Videos  
2/9/2013 Elliot Skiing at Little Switzerland   1/15/2013 Carbon Eating the Hair Dryer Air
2/23/2013 Elliot Playing with Hex Bugs   1/23/2013 Carbon Taking Dance Lessons
3/4/2013 Elliot Shaving in the Morning   3/31/2013 Carbon and Gary Fighting
3/10/2013 Elliot Reading and Talking about Tornados    


Other Videos

3/31/2013 Elliot Running at Luther Manor (Easter)   1/7/2013 Demons in our house...
4/5/2013 Elliot at Sprecher Brewery in Milwaukee   3/25/2013 Rosanne Laughing Hysterically
4/7/2013 Elliot Riding his Bike on the Trail   4/1/2013 Aramus Ramirez's 2 RBI Double on Opening Day
4/9/2013 Elliot Playing Doggy Doo   4/27/2013 Baby Aiden Laughing at Matt's Wedding
4/25/2013 Elliot Bowling a Spare        
4/26/2013 Elliot's Tennis Lesson        
4/29/2013 Elliot Playing, Singing, and Dancing to the Piano demos        
4/30/2013 Elliot's First Brewer Game of 2013        

Total Running Time: 29 minutes

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