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01/01/2001 Elliot Videos     01/01/2001 Various Dates  
1/20/2009 Elliot Making Cute Noises at 4 Months   Summer '09 Elliot Videos from Summer 2009 (May - August)
5/17/2009 Ro Struggling with the Harness... Elliot Happy as a Clam   Autumn '09 Elliot Videos from Autumn 2009 (September - December)
6/6/2009 Elliot's First Hair Cut   Mar to Dec Elliot Laughing Hysterically at the Tape Measure
6/21/2009 Papa Marvin Holding Elliot on Father's Day   May to Dec Elliot Learning to Crawl, Stand, Step, Walk, and Jump
6/26/2009 Elliot Sleeping during the Ghost House Tour in Door County   Dec. 2009 Elliot and his Elmo Plane (etc.)
6/27/2009 Elliot and Mark at a Petting Zoo in Door County    


Other Videos

8/30/2009 Elliot Huffing... pretty cute   1/1/2009 New Year's Eve Party with Ro, Katy, Richard, and Jeremy
9/3/2009 Elliot Imitating Dad (pretty funny) on his First Birthday   5/17/2009 Jeremy Texting During his Graduation Ceremony
9/5/2009 Elliot's First Birthday Party   7/3/2009 Grand Finale of the Holidaze Fireworks in Grafton, WI
9/19/2009 Elliot Wearing the Bee and Elephant Costumes    


Leona's 100th

10/3/2009 Elliot Rolling on the Carpeting (thanks Dad!)   4/5/2009 Leona's 100th Birthday - Randy Introducing Pastor McClelland
10/3/2009 Elliot Getting a Basket Ride (thanks Mom!)   4/5/2009 Leona's 100th Birthday - Pastor McClelland's Speech
12/28/2009 Elliot Laughing Hysterically at Dad Spitting Duplos   4/5/2009 Leona's 100th Birthday - Jayne's Speech, Readings, Happy Birthday

Total Running Time: 1 hour, 16 minutes (plus 42 minutes for Leona's 100th Birthday Party)

All Videos Copyright 2009, Daniel Tetzlaff, All Rights Reserved. Send Feedback to dantcv@hotmail.com


Time Links:

Elliot's First Birthday Party
  0:00   Sept. 5   Walking around with the camera
  1:54   Sept. 5   Elliot Climbing Stairs and Yelling
  3:38   Sept. 5   Singing Happy Birthday, Cutting Cake
  7:46   Sept. 5   Elliot's First Piece of Cake
  11:05   Sept. 5   Opening Elliot's Gifts
Elliot Wearing the Bee and Elephant Costumes
  0:00   Sept. 19   Bee Costume
  2:50   Oct. 23   Elephant (Spooks and Spoofs)
Elliot Videos from Summer 2009 (May - August)
  0:00   May 17   Elliot Swinging and Walking in Walking Wings
  1:44   May 18   Elliot Kissing Mirror
  2:34   July 4   Elliot Talking and Jumping on Chair
  3:24   July 4   Elliot Going down Slide with Papa's Help
  5:07   July 19   Elliot Hitting Gate
  5:24   July 25   Elliot Bouncing in Horse
  6:05   July 25   Elliot Playing with Car Toy with Randy
  7:25   July 27   Elliot Making Noises with Lips
  7:59   Aug 6   Elliot Laughing at Getting Sprayed with Water Bottle
Elliot Videos from Autumn 2009 (September - December)
  0:00   Oct. 3   Elliot Smashing the Fridge Magnets
  0:39   Nov. 1   Elliot Laughing at Ro, Dan, and Jeremy on Helium
  2:18   Nov. 18   Elliot Being Both Crabby and Cute Before Bed
  5:36   Nov. 27   Setting up Christmas Tree
  8:39   Dec. 6   Elliot Playing with Hammer Toy
  9:20   Dec. 23   Elliot Giving High-Fives
  11:07   Dec. 24   Elliot Clapping with Amma (Christmas Eve)
Elliot Learning to Crawl, Stand, Step, Walk, and Jump
  0:00   May 7   Not Crawling
  0:21   July 8   Crawling Fast
  1:01   Sept. 2   Standing (1 year)
  1:47   Sept. 23   Taking Steps
  3:07   Oct. 5   Walking
  4:19   Dec. 12   Jumping