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01/01/2001 Elliot's Birth     01/01/2001 Other Videos  
9/3/2008 Welcome, Elliot!   3/1/2008 The Bellagio Water Fountains in Las Vegas
9/3/2008 Post-Delivery Recovery   7/10/2008 Dad Golfing At Erin Hills in Erin, Wisconsin
9/3/2008 Elliot's Birth Day Visitors   8/27/2008 Mark & Garrett Catching Fish (Kitchen Pass Charter)
9/4/2008 Elliot's First Visitors at the Hospital (thru 9/5)   10/4/2008 Milwaukee Brewers Playoff Victory at Miller Park
9/4/2008 Elliot's First Few Days in the Hospital (thru 9/6)   10/31/2008 Mike and Amy's Halloween Party
9/6/2008 Elliot Going Home for the First Time   11/27/2008 Little Mark giving the Gulu to Nanu at Thanksgiving


Elliot Videos

    11/30/2008 Mark & Santa at North Hills
9/7/2008 Elliot at Home, Merping, In Mommy's Bed (thru 12/1)           12/26/2008 Walking into our New (Used) House
9/14/2008 Elliot with Grandparents (thru 12/20)    


Elliot's Baptism

11/6/2008 Elliot Sucking on Mommy's Face   10/19/2008 Before Elliot's Baptism
11/27/2008 Elliot's First Thanksgiving   10/19/2008 Elliot's Baptism at St. Mary's Visitation Parish
12/24/2008 Elliot's First Christmas ... with Nanu   10/19/2008 Elliot's Baptism Party

Total Running Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes

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