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01/01/2001 Personal Videos     01/01/2001 Skiing Videos  
1/6/2007 Rosanne Playing Cranium   2/18/2007 Rosanne Skiing at Cascade Mountain
1/27/2007 Rosanne throwing Cards at Jeremy   3/16/2007 Rosanne and Randy Skiing in Upper Michigan
4/11/2007 An Angels vs. Indians game at Miller Park   3/17/2007 Sarah Snowboarding for the First Time
5/20/2007 Rosanne Graduating from Marquette University    


Mark Videos

5/31/2007 Rosanne Vacuuming the Ceiling   8/3/2007 Mark eating Ice Cream in Ephraim, Wisconsin
11/17/2007 Open For Business, Closed For Business (Ro and Katy)   11/25/2007 Mark & Santa at North Hills


Gary Videos



Wedding Videos

3/3/2007 Gary Attacking our Legs   10/26/2007 Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at The Safe House in Milwaukee
3/11/2007 Gary with Masking Tape   10/27/2007 Daniel and Rosanne Tetzlaff's Wedding and Reception (Playlist)
5/3/2007 Gary Chasing a Cell Phone and Pager   10/27/2007 Daniel and Rosanne's Wedding Slideshow
5/9/2007 Gary Panting after Playing   10/30/2007 Daniel and Rosanne's Honeymoon at the Sun Palace in Cancun

Total Running Time: 26 minutes

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