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6/26/2003 Big Bang Fireworks at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI   10/12/2003 Peaches Purring on Bed
7/4/2003 Kristen and others on the 4th of July   11/27/2003 Kyle Yelling at Thanksgiving
8/25/2003 Karen Tubing In Moon Lake (Little St. Germain, WI)   11/27/2003 Kristen & Kyle Fighting at Thanksgiving
9/20/2003 House on Fire (Training Exercise) in Mequon, WI   12/25/2003 Cody Opening Gifts at Grandma Evie's House on Christmas Day
10/1/2003 Dorm Room Ceiling Dripping a Mysterious Purple Goo (MSOE)   12/25/2003 Cody Playing at Grandma Evie's House on Christmas Day

Total Running Time: 6 minutes

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