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Bubble Blower (Birthday Gift):

What Doing??

Dancing at the Brewers Game:

Playing Games at American Family Field:

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Randy and Sarah Dancing at Germantown Oktoberfest:

Evie and Catherine Dancing at Germantown Oktoberfest:

Ephraim working on his six-pack...

Woo Hoo! Elliot's First Job!

What... uh, what happened here?

What... did you think apple pies just grow on trees??

Elliot Volleyball (8th Grade) - Regular Season:

This part here is the looky part of the telescope. You should totally see it at night, too!

Fifteen years of marital bliss!

Trunk or Treat:

Elliot falling into the river... after promising to not fall in the river:

Ephraim Climbing the Hill on the Ice Age Trail:

Halloween! The holiday that NEVER ENDS!

Ephraim as St. Peter:

Elliot Volleyball (8th Grade) - Pep Rally and Post Season:

Ephraim sad that the season is over...

Fall is such a beautiful time of year...


And that's enough snow for the year...

The Boys at Urban Air:

Why do I have to wait again?

I don't think I can wait any longer...

I definitely can't wait any longer...

Ephraim Telling Jokes at the Cousins Party:

St. Boniface Christmas Concert:

The Boys Opening Christmas Presents:

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I think the Denver Airport was trying to look like snow-capped mountains, but it just looks like a bunch of teepees.

Flying over Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, where we just visited a few weeks ago (by car).

View from our Hotel Room (The Inn at Lost Creek):

Riding the Gondola:

Dear Lord...

You can see the Telluride Airport in the middle of this photo...

...and yes, it's right on the edge of a CLIFF:

Puffy at High Elevation

Our Hotel was the Tan-colored building in the middle.

That one. Right there.

Staring to Hike Down Boomerang Trail:

At the Bottom of Boomerang Trail:

This reminded me of Windows XP for some reason...

Hiking up Bear Creek Trail:

Almost there!

Bear Creek Falls:

Accidentally mimicked miniature mode...

This looks... so... COLD.

A good view of parts of Black Bear Pass and the Bridal Veil Power Station.

Hiking up Bridal Veil Trail:

What is this long steel cable for?

The next nine photos are of Lower Bridal Veil Falls...

Lower Bridal Veil Falls:

Almost there, I swear...

Alas, Bridal Veil Falls, the highest waterfall in Colorado.

Bridal Veil Falls:

Oh. Yeah. WOW.

Ingram Creek:

A Telluride. In Telluride.

I wonder if they get a discount?

Walking Back toward Downtown Telluride:

Another great view of the super-scary CLIFF AIRPORT. (We flew into a different airport 90 minutes away haha.)

Wilson Peak, the mountain on the Coors cans. Seriously.

Can I Has?!?!?!

The Fog Rolling In:

Good morning... Snow-capped Mountains! (Not teepees)

Snow-Capped Mountains:

Driving back to the airport



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