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Thanks Obama...

What is this, a backpack for ants??

Monster Truck Rally:

Ephraim Bowling:

Ephraim Skiing:

Elliot Skiing:

Elliot Snowblowing:

Elliot's Forensics Meet

3D-Printed Ice Cream Cone Holder! Thanks, Uncle Mike

Re-enacting the final scene from The Lion King

Hey Brother...

Another Year, Another Batch of Baby Chicks:

I'm Not Crazy, You're Crazy...

Oh boy...

Four-Page Drawing of The Titanic

Ephraim Doing Homework:

Rainbows are covenants from God that he'll never flood Mequon Pizza Company ever again.

Ziggy, the next Bond Villain...

Crazy Cats...

A typical Opening Day in Milwaukee in mid-April:

Ephraim's Cooking Show

Episode 1: Scrambled Eggs:

Get a room...

Elliot Bowling:

Ephraim Dancing at the Brewer Game:

Pro-Tip: You can bring your own water. Or apply for a second mortgage inside the park...

R.I.P., Bandit

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The planes at the Atlanta Aiport:

Ephraim's first time flying a 737...

Ali the Gator:

Water Slides and Pool:

In Slow Motion:


Under Water:

Videos of the Ocean and at the Beach:

Dolphins on the Sunset Cruise:


Golfing at Del Webb:

Captain Jack's Airboat Tours:

Holding the Baby Gator:

Wild Honeymoon... Tiger:

All about Gators...

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