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     Singing Happy Birthday at Family Party:


     Very Strange Cloud Rolling In:


  The St. Boniface Egg Drop, with eggs fresh from Copper Acres farms!

  Poor Bandit...

  Ominous Shelf Cloud

     Highlights from Elliot's Volleyball Season:


     Removing the Original Honey Locust Tree:


     Playing Bingo at Nana's House:


  Ugh, Elliot, you were blniking!

  Ugh, Ephraim, you were blniking!

  At least the car wasn't blinking...

  What is this, a rainforest?

     Ziggy Chattering:


     Like Clockwork:


  Completely Unplanned Wardrobes

  Our angel was too heavy for our new tree, so Ephraim made us a new one!

     No, he didn't just get out of the shower; He was a Shepherd in the School Christmas Concert:


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