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     Elliot's Track Meets:


  Go-Kart Paths

  I've got my bathroom back!

  The Stillery (Richfield)

     Elliot's Rocket Launch:


  This is the life, right guys?

     Squishy Egg!


     Ephraim Sad that School's Out:


     Ephraim Jumping into the Pool in Slow Motion:


  Getting a bath...

  Goodbye, X5

  Finally! (It took four months)

  More Photos Here

     Ephraim's Golf Lessons at North Hills:


     The Boys Making Candles in Door County:


  An aerial view of Sister Bay

     The Boys Golfing in Door County (June):


     Integrating the New Chickens with the Big Girls:


  Regner Park Beach

  Gathering on the Green

  Trace Adkins

  What happens when you let your 7-year-old make his own sandwich...

     Elliot Golfing at Hawthorne Hills:


  At Random

     The Boys Golfing in Door County (August):


  Eagle Tower

     The Boys Mini-Golfing at the Red Putter:


     The Boys Playing at the Sister Bay Beach:


  Ephraim sad because he's losing (at Laser Tag)

     The Boys Playing Outdoor Laser Tag:


     The Boys Playing at the Sister Bay Beach:


  First Day of 2nd and 7th Grades, wow!

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