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  What a small group!

  For Ro Ro...

  Before they re-did the Marquette Interchange...

  Nom nom nom...

  Finally 21!

  I still don't know how Jeremy graduated high school...

  5 Generations - Leona Klemp, Evie Tetzlaff, Marjorie, Michele, and Kyla DeFendi

  Papa's Prowler!

  This is what happens when you don't smile for pictures... posted for all-time! :)

  I've tried harder at few things in my entire life to get a picture of her smiling with this hat on, lol.

  Let me in!

  Mom and Dad, Meet Ro...

  Inside the Octagon Barn in Grafton, Wisconsin

  Randy's Surprise 50th Birthday Party

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Summertime Walk with Ro

  Watch Here: On YouTube

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