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  "You Snooze, You Lose..."

  Bring Your Cat to School Day

  This appears to be a rare photo of the boys getting along. More likely, this was taken as Elliot was about to strangle Ephraim.

  5th Grade Volleyball

  One of these things is not like the other...

     Elliot Volunteering at the St. Boniface Concession Stand:


     The New Chicks:


  The Bavarian Bierhaus in Glendale

     Elliot's 5th Grade Volleyball Season (Highlights):


  Ope... Injury #1 from trying to impress a girl...

  White men can't jump... but maybe they can float?

     Playing Baseball with Kolton:


     Jumping on the Trampoline:


  Ope... Injury #2 from trying to impress a girl...


  ...and After

     Flight For Life Approaching & Landing at Open House in Germantown:


  Why do I fear another injury could be happening soon?

     NewAir ClearIce40:


  That is a LOT of butter...

  This is why those Apple Pies taste so good!

     Apple Pie Premix and Setup (St. Boniface):


  Get an ambulance on standby!

     Cast Removal:


  In hindsight, this is a great way to catch the Coronavirus.

     Ephraim playing with Adley and Lexi:


  Biloba Brewing in Brookfield

     Rosanne Horseback Riding:


  October 29!!!

  October 31, ugh...

     Elliot Jumping into a Four-Foot Snow Bank on Halloween:


     Ephraim Pretending to Drink Wine:


  It's been cold and snowing for three weeks, yet here we are shortly before Thanksgiving and these trees haven't lost any leaves??

  Playin' around with my new wide-angle lens... (iPhone)

  You know, just a classic ham-and-marshmallow sandwich. On white, of course.

  15 seconds remaining of 1 hour (used 99.6% of the time)!

     St. Boniface Christmas Concert:


     Opening Luigi's Mansion 3:


     Playing Charades at Mark & Barb's House:


     Laughing Hysterically while reading the rules of Uno:


  Screw You 2019! You SUCKED! 2020 HERE WE COME! 2020 is going to be the BEST. YEAR. EVER!!!

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