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     Marshmallow Has Returned!


  Minus. Twenty. Six. Degrees. (minus the windchill!)

  Yet somehow, they are already selling Summer Shandy...???

     Elliot Struggling on the Ice-Covered Driveway:


  There's no crying in baseball. But there's LOTS of crying in bowling...

     The Kittens Playing:


  Well, we've figured out what Ephraim's gonna be when he grows up...

  Elliot doing his best Linus Impression...

  About to get kicked out of Meijer...

  Father Time, Jr.

  Maybe we need to move this out of the sun...?

  Without prompting, Ephraim wrote his name in near-perfect mirror image, possibly without realizing it...

  "If I fits, I ships!"

  Aaaaaand about to get kicked out of Pick N' Save, too!

  April 14 Blizard, awesome...

  Tax-Day Snowman, ugh...


  April 27 Snow? Not funny...

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     Driving in a Blizard at 2 AM:


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  The boys' first-ever airplane ride!

  The boys' first-ever limo ride!

     Rapids River at Atlantis:


     Giant Aquariums at Atlantis:


     Elliot on the Leap of Faith Water Slide:


  Jimmy John's Yacht!

  Doing his best Braco impression...

  I hope they used some really strong glue...

     The Boys in the Ocean at Atlantis:


  Doing our best Abbey Road impression. On sand.

  Sad to be leaving...

  Atlantis viewable near the "top" of the island!

  Atlantic Coast of Florida

  Gulf Coast of Florida

  Dallas, TX

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     Vacation in Clearwater Beach, Florida:


  Scientology HQ

  Sandpearl Resort

  Even this paper straw couldn't bring us down!

     Florida Sunsets from Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach:




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