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     The Boys in the Bounce House:


  Birthday Party for Elliot and Jackson

     Exploding Watermelons in Slow Motion!!!


     You would not believe how difficult it was to get the kids in this position:


  Birthday Party House-Hopping!

     Singing Happy Birthday:


     All of the kids playing upstairs:


  They should fall asleep within... about 4 or 5 hours.

  (Long after these two.)

     Elliot riding his bike with no hands:


  Take your kids out to dinner they said. It will be fun and relaxing they said...

     Ephraim walking with his boot on:



  DOUBLE Rainbow!!!!

  Pure agony is when you are three and don't get to blow out your birthday candles...



     Videos of the family playing outside...


  All in a day's work...

  Good, but can you smile bigger?

  Smile even bigger!


     Boys love their mothers:


  Gemantown Oktoberfest

     It's not about how fast you mow; it's about how well you mow fast!


  I demand to know why Cheese Curds were not a thing when I was three!!!

     Ephraim dancing at Oktoberfest:


  The two natural gas pipelines buried underneath our front yard
  are 14 and 20 inches in diameter and are pressurized to 850 psi......

     ...and THIS is why you call Digger's Hotline:


     Elliot reading the First Reading at Mass:


     Ephraim on the Pumpkin Farm Hay Wagon:


     This was the highlight of Ephraim's entire year:


     The boys picking apples in Door County:


  This photo was the highlight of MY entire year!

     The boys at the Sister Bay Parade:


     Ephraim watching Pat grade our back yard:


  Ephraim's First Girlfriend!

  "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

     Moppeding through Peninsula State Park:


  Taking a nice walk to the next-door neighbor's house...

  St. Boniface Trivia? Night

  (Saved By The Bell Theme)

  Don't Ask...

  Elliot's First Girlfriend?

  Bandit, our flying dog...

  70's in November? I'll take it!

  Could've made a ton of money on this one...

  <--- Election Night in one Graph



  They should advertise this as an official use of the can...

  NOT mother approved...

  "I'm Three!"

  Sarah, I think this is as close to a family portrait as you're gonna get from us until one of them gets married...


     Ephraim waiting for Elliot to get off the bus (very cute):


  Go Home Tree, You're Drunk...

     Ephraim Making (Eating) Christmas Cookies (Dough):


     Don't miss the First Annual Christmas Dabathon:


  Ryan might be the new Steve...

     Don't miss Elliot Dabbing at his School Christmas Concert...


     Ephraim Potato Head:


     Ephraim Opening Gifts on Christmas Eve:


     Elliot's Gift to Ephraim was Handcuffs (of course). Hilarity Ensues:


  Wait, are you Papa??

  Again with the taking of your kids out to dinner......

  Bye 2016!
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