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  Remember This??

  Rocket Launch!

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  Why nap when you can instead put ALL OF YOUR PANTS ON AT ONE TIME!?

  Snow in the middle of May?? Must be Wisconsin...

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  Knocking Block Towers Down...

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  Zicke zacke zicke zacke hoi hoi hoi!

  This party was OFF THE HOOK!

  Our new neighbor's hydronic heating system...

  Memorial Day Parade...

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  Double Rainbow!!!!!

  The boys at Monkey Joes...

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  Clouds? Nuclear War? You decide...

  Ephraim Dancing at Dinner (Cute)...

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  According to the New York Times, Sprecher brews the country's BEST Root Beer.

  And all of its honey comes from Germantown!

  Wisconsin Dells Vacation...

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  Emphasis: A Damaging Thunderstorm predcited for tomorrow...

  ...or, a cloudless sky. Either way.

  This solves so many problems...

  Finally, our new house is finished!

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  Door County Vacation...

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  Fyr Bal

  "What are you doing??"


  There is an eagle there. You'd see it better if I had remembered to bring my zoom lens...

  Green Bay

  Happy Doo-Day!!!

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  10:22 PM

  When is the last time you were this happy??

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