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  It's hard to believe (Letters to C)Leo used to be this small...

  Ephraim NOT happy about Elliot getting on the School Bus...

  Moon Shoes! Get yours before they go the way of Lawn Darts...

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  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  "C'mon Elliot!"

  Ruby is now a Therapy Dog!

  (Leo is NOT a Therapy Cat)

  "Trump is leading by HOW MANY points??"

  Did you know that beds make great trampolines? Ephraim does. (Thanks, Elliot!)

  No Comment...

  He could eat that whole pot of spaghetti...

  "To get to this giant cookie, first you'll have to get through me..."

  "Did you know that you left some water drops in the sink? I'll take care of them for you..."

  And now Elliot knows what it's like to raise a 2-year old...

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  Karate Test

  Karate Test?

  They both passed!

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  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Garth Brooks Concert

  Harvest Fair

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  Pretty sad... those activity books never stood a chance.

  Even the little one is hooked...

  Germantown's Oktoberfest

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  omg... Gary came back after being gone for almost 2 months!

  ...only to find out that he's already been replaced.

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  When there's a will... (or donuts)

  Hey October... May called, and it wants its Lilacs back...

  He will consume literally anything...

  Sharing so nicely......

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  "Uh oh, I think I'm about to fall..."

  "Yup. Definitely I'm falling..."

  Well this doesn't appear to be Mother-Approved. None of the fun things are...

  Ephraim Line Dancing at Spooks and Spoofs (Very Cute)...

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  What's more horrifying? Being on the table, holding a knife, or eating butter like he's the Prince Of Town?

  Ephraim Trick-Or-Treating...

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  So apparently they are called the Terrible Two's for a reason...

  Do you have any idea how much effort was put into getting him dressed to go out in the snow??

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  Dogs wearing jackets?? Back in my day, dogs didn't wear jackets... We Got Polio

  Ephraim and his Favorite Swan Painting...

  "Must. Get. Out. Of. Contraption. And. Go. See. Santa."

  "Ta-da! He's this way!"

  "So you're the guy with all the toys?"

  Well this is a surprising development...

  "I got a toy... my life is complete!"

  Don't be fooled... he's about 20 seconds away from eating that tassel. And cap. And diploma.

  Yup. I definitely turned off the TV right before the (first) Hail-Mary (thinking the game was over).

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  Mr. Curly

  Ephraim Watching Football with his Old Man...

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  "First order of business... you're all fired!"

  Ephraim Stuffing his Face with Food...

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  Every other child: Sitting quietly.

  Ephraim? Uncontrollable... On YouTube

  Naughty and proud of it...

  ...but very sweet when needed.

  There's no crying in baseball, and there's no crying on Christmas Eve... did he not get the memo?

  He got the memo. The present memo.

  "Word on the street is that there are more gifts here...??"

  Ephraim's Christmas Eve...

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  "So many gifts... I don't know where to begin!"

  Next year we may not even need to get together in person!

  Elliot's Christmas Eve...

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  Never let a drop of milk go to waste...

  Elliot Celebrating New Year's Eve...

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