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  Our kitchen is not a bar, Gary (unfortunately)

  "I Love My Grandog"

  Super depressed about the Packers Collapse

  Super angry about the Packers Collapse

  Waiting for the bus with my Big Brother...

  Have a good day at school!

  Crazy Hat Day

  Elliot Skiing at Little Switzerland

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  Amma's Famous Hypnotic Back Scratches does in Elliot once again...

  The new Machcon Site, prior to Construction

  "It's Stuck"


  Dad is clearly babysitting (Exhibit A)

  Dad is clearly babysitting (Exhibit B)

  Don't roll your eyes at me...

  Learning new tricks!

  Gee, I wonder who taught him that...

  That's not your bed...

  Story Time!

  Tackle Time!

  He went that way...

  ...or maybe it was that way...

  ...or maybe I have to sneeze...

  Yup, I definitely had to sneeze... where was I?



  Dad is clearly babysitting (Exhibit C)

  Who says winter isn't pretty? Oh, right, EVERYONE SAYS THAT!

  Middle of the night... is the moon getting closer?

  This didn't end well for anybody...

  Watch this calamity...

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  Before Work...

  ...After Work

  Listen, Nanu, this is how it's gonna work--

  Wait, what were the specials tonight again?

  Ah, yes, half-off milk-shakes

  Junior Karate

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  Let's see what we've got here...

  Oh! Hi there...

  Eh, I'm cute, you'll let me get away with this!

  Easter Egg Hunt 2K15

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  Pretty humid today

  Remember Elliot?

  Brewers were losing...

  Brewers were winning...

  Ephraim's Crazy Laugh

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  Adventures with a Wubble Bubble

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  Defying Gravity!

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  Ephraim did NOT want to get his hair cut today...

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