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  First Day of Full-Day K5!

  Videos of Elliot: On YouTube

  Videos of Ephraim: On YouTube

  Videos of Elliot and Ephraim: On YouTube

  Ephraim Learning to Walk: On YouTube

  Elliot Talking, Singing, and Acting Crazy: On YouTube

  Six years old... already??

  Who's Six? Watch Here: On YouTube

  Bike Ride + Pit-Stop for Root Beer = Alphorn and Edelweiss

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Historic Main Street at Sunset

  6-Year Photos of Elliot

  1-Year Photos of Ephraim

  Photos of Both Elliot and Ephraim

  Elliot Assembled This Whole Thing...

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Just like his big brother back in 2010...


  Just like his big brother back in 2011...


  The Richfield Thresheree

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  It won't be long... lol

  Bonus: Watch Elliot and Rosanne on Helium: On YouTube

  Last Sunset of Summer...

  Rise and Shine! (And get to work!!!)

  That is not a Halo...

  Just like his big brother back in 2009...


  I AM a mess...

  Dog Race at Germantown Oktoberfest

  Oh great, now he wants to be a bus driver...

  Watch Elliot Dancing at Oktoberfest...

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  That boy was just mad that the Packers whooped the Bears a few hours earlier...

  Oh great, now he wants to be a fire fighter... lol

  Highland House

  Garrett and Tony Hale!

  The Copper Dock

  Discovery World

  Bed Of Nails: Watch Here: On YouTube

  Discovery World: Seeing Sound

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Discovery World: Water Works

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Peanut Butter Jelly Time??

  Ephraim Laughing Maniacally -- Must See!

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  He looks guilty of something...

  Ro took these three photos...

  Getting ready for the Apple Pie sale...

  Spooks and Spoofs

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Elliot and Dan; Not our house...

  70 Degree Trick or Treat? Win!

  Elliot and Ro Walking in a Barrel at Basse's Pumpkin Farm

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Nom nom nom...

  I took NO part in this...

  Also, I'm not sure why she needs two coats...

  Elliot quickly making friends (obviously) at Matty's bar

  Elliot walking in the Germantown Christmas Parade for St. Boniface School

  Ephraim's First Hair Cut

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Nice going, Andy!!!

  No comment...


  The Kids Giving Nanu a Thanksgiving Gift

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Again with Elliot ignoring Gravity..

  He looks Just Like Elliot!


  "We're eating again???"

  Elliot lost his first wishbone...

  Just pretend we're all looking at the same lens...

  "Uh, who's this guy...?"

  "Ummm, no..."

  "I don't want a gift, I want my mom!"

  "Get me outta here!!!"

  "Santa is the BEST!"



  But seriously... what??

  Always with the hand on the throat :)

  "I just need a vacation."

  I came home from work to find this...

  Almost ready for Kindergarten!

  Uh-oh, Stomach Flu :(

  Poor guy...

  Watch Ephraim Stealing Candy...

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Either he has no idea what's going on, or he thinks he's playing too...

  Brilliant. Way to smoke and grill AT A FUELING STATION! #doomed

  Not many Bears Quarterbacks on here...



  Elliot's Christmas Concert (K5) at St. Boniface

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  Elliot with his friends before his Christmas concert...

  Jeremiah Hunter!

  NOT ours, phew!

  Elliot Explaining Jenga Boom, Ephraim Playing with his Toy

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  It's a Dog Christmas...

  As always, the unplanned, identical outfits







        Watch Here: On YouTube

        Pajama Dance: On YouTube

  Apparently, this is something we do frequently...


  Mark's 3D Printer (and Deal or No Deal!)

  Watch Here: On YouTube


  Phone 47-W??? I probably should have been wearing gloves when handling those cards!

  Ah, Christmas!

  Bumper Pool at Papa's House

  Happy New Year!

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