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  YouTube: Ephraim Videos from January and February 2014

  YouTube: Ephraim Videos from March and April 2014

  Ridiculously Cold at 8 AM

  Still Ridiculously Cold... at 4 PM

  Carbon on High Alert

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  Family... Tree?


  Elliot Playing Dominos with Gma June and Papa Marvin

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  Elliot Skiing at Little Switzerland

  Watch Here: On YouTube

  How do you start Angry Birds on this thing??

  Ephraim's 6-mo Pictures


  Ruby Running in her Dreams

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  This does not look good... for Carbon-star Runner...

  Carbon and Ruby Playing with Each Other

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  YouTube: Elliot doing Pull-Ups at the Sports Show

  YouTube: Elliot climbing the Rock Wall at the Sports Show

  Best Pretzel in the Galaxy... at Sprecher's Pub

  Elliot Happy as a Pig in S***!

  Dan Happy as a Pig in S***!


  Elliot on Opening Day at Miller Park

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  Elliot Driving Electric Car with Aiden

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  Um, thanks?

  Papa Marvin Golfing with Mark, Barb, Kristen, and Kyle

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  Not funny...

  Ephraim Getting a Bath in Nana's Sink

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  YouTube: Ephraim Laughing Hysterically At The Slinky

  YouTube: Ephraim Crawling for the First Time

  YouTube: Ephraim Saying Da-Da

  Sew Divine!
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