New House Construction (Germantown) (New House Index)

Utilities and Concrete (April 2016)

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  Electric Installation

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  The thick black cables are the main lines ... 24,900 volts!!!

  The thinner "350" lines that go to the house: two 120 volt lines and a nuetral

  So, who's gonna fix that...?

  April snow? Neat...

  Two weeks later, it's finally dry enough to hook the electricity up to the house...

  (Or is it?)

  Ephraim wants to go down the pool slide... (see above)

  Ephraim and the Dogs at the House

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  End of April... In the 30's? Great. Perfect for pouring concrete... sigh.

  Pouring Concrete into Basement

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  Pouring the Concrete Porch

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  Cement truck almost tipping over...

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  Second Time: On YouTube

  Pouring Concrete in the Garage

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  The Kids Putting their Handprints in the Concrete

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